Phew! This was supposed to be written three weeks ago, but things have been pretty hectic, becaaaause… We got a baby girl! In a whirlwind over the course of less than 24 hours, I believe it was closer to 12, I decided she was meant to come to us and another 24 hours later I picked her up and brought her home.

It really was a coincidence that she joined the family. I was driving down the road to my parents house when I saw their neighbor, M, was out in her yard with her dog, but I also saw a little red ball of fur through the hedge as well. Did she get a puppy? I had to say hello! Coincidence #1 in me arriving just in that moment.

I parked and got out of my car and was so disappointed to see she had gone inside again. Went inside my parents house, my mom was still outside and suddenly I see M coming over to talk to my mom. Coincidence #2. She told us that she had gotten the puppy four weeks ago, but had to rehome her due to her being a bad match with their other dog. How had I not known they had had a puppy for four weeks? Coincidence #3.

M actually had a couple who were going to see the pup the next day and probably take her with them. Coincidence #1, #2, #3 and #4, hadn’t I arrived just then I never would have known and she would be gone. I told her I could be interested, I couldn’t hide my excitement and asked her if she would let me seee her that evening, despite having more or less of a deal with the other couple. She said yes, and would be so happy if she ended up here in the neighborhood so she could she her now and again.

The evening came and I fell in love, but we planned to meet the next day to see if Leesi would be okay with her before I had to decide. I know Leesi to be kind of peculiar and she usually wants me for herself, so I was really nervous as to would she would think of a puppy and having to share the attention. She behaved extraordinarily good and did everything she. could not to seem threatening and really wanted to help the little puppy accept her. I have never been a prouder dad! ❤ That was really coincidence #5, because I really couldn’t dream that Leesi would have accepted her the way she did.

Last coincidence, #6. I’ve been in a really dark place for so long, drinking my way into oblivion to numb myself out, but just days before I saw her I had, for real this time, decided to get myself back on track, get sober and try to get better and I had done well. She was just what I needed right now. There was just too many coincidences surrounding her for it to be a coincidence. All in all, I truly believe it was destiny. She was meant to come to us.

I renamed her Lorelei. (She was initially named Luna, but that’s the name of 50% of female dogs, so can’t have none of that). Little Lorelei ❤

– E.J

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